Just a thoughts By Dawood Al Farsi

13 Oct
Whisper 412 LeftOver Legacy !

To my beautiful Uncles, they left us many months and years ago, but, left a memories wont go away soon !! RIP. Ameen.

There will come a time when we remembered little.
May work on me and with me for that yet to come.

I cherish all times.
I live and love all moments.

Here is a Time I live and won't relent do the best.
I always pray that the best in everyone's is still yet to come.

We cherish all times.
We live and love all moments.

Bla.bla bla many would say.
Bla.bla bla life is what it is.

I Live to Love.
Love you all.

Just a thoughts, wondering what legacy I would be remembered, hopefully many many more years today.:-)
Dawood farsi.
Kind Regards
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