Omani Khanjar : Tradition and Elegance

02 Nov

Besides being an immaculate work of art, it is considered to be a symbol of tradition and courage and some even say male elegence. Historically, only men that were part of the royal family would wear the khanjar dagger, known as the Sultanates' national symbol, and featured on the country 's emblem  and as well as on Omani Riyals, the currency. 

While daggers are very prominent in the Arab region, the Oman khanjar has unique distinction that separate them from the rest as the designs vary depending on the region in the Sultanate they are made in.

Some are made from gold, and silver, while others from brass and copper. The intricate designs all crafted by hand  and some designs are even chosen by the men wearing them.

Worn with a belt around the waist, most men wear them on important ceremonial occasions, though ones of royalty and from the government still do wear them as part of the traditional everyday attire.

You can find the khanjar's  in Al Sayegh Company , along with many other beautiful pieces of art.

The history of Oman is wonderful to read up on and it's truly a remarkable place to see.

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